Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Kali arnis escrima,the original filipino martial art or "fma" as those in the know call it, is our very own indigenous martial art. It did not come from China, or India or wherever else an ordinary ethnophobic pinoy may think. It is truly ours. It has also been demonstrated that it has no other malay roots outside of the collection of islands we call our very own country. you can research it yourself. go ahead.

Kali arnis escrima and the filipino martial arts are getting loads of attention from hollywood and pop media nowadays. What with the increasing number of movies featuring the filipino martial art being considered groundbreaking and doing respectably well at the box office(the Blade series, the Bourne series, The Hunted, Taken). Kali arnis escrima and the filipino martial arts in general used to be well-known only to the dedicated martial artists and special forces aroud the world is now in the mainstream consciousness. Outside of the Philippines that is. Blame it on our xenocentricity or ethnophobia. but this is old news:" We have something truly excellent and truly filipino. Kali arnis escrima is Something we can be unabashedly be proud of outside of manny pacquiao. and it is really all over our islands known by either of the following words: "kali arnis escrima.

Since i am a resident of Davao City i will recommend to any who are interested to learn our filipino martial art of: kali arnis escrima, to join up with the Mandirigmang Kaliradman group based in Davao City, also present in Cebu, and NCR.

Why? i'll tell in another post.ok here's a biased teaser: i happen to think this group teach the best filipino martial art, particularly kali-arnis-escrima in Davao City if not in the Philippines. =)What are you waiting for? Find out more about our filipino martial art. Look up: kali arnis escrima!